Michael Peters welcomes Euronews Albania to the Euronews family

Latest update: 23/11/2019 - 22:19
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I am very proud that Euronews Albania, our first-ever franchise has launched.

This is a big day for Euronews, with Euronews Albania, the Euronews Group is now closer to realizing its strategy commission, to become the first global media brand in the World.

What that means is that we seek to offer global content that meets the expectations of our local audiences.

We already do that at Euronews with our 12 distinct language editions and we are going one step further today with the launch of Euronews Albania.

The Euronews name is recognized across Europe and beyond as a guarantee of impartial news and independent journalism.

I am confident that Euronews Albania, will bring these same values to the Albanian speaking audiences. And I am sure will quickly be recognized for the quality and impact of this journalism. And in sharing these values, Euronews Albania will be providing a much needed new voice in the region.

But what we are doing here is actually much bigger. We are building a bridge and as for any bridge, there are two ways to cross it. If in doing so we will bring more Europe to Albania, the opposite way is equally true. This project will bring more Albania to Europe.

Thanks to our partnership here, with the existence of this strong newsroom in your country, we will be able at Euronews to speak much better about Albania to the rest of the world. Thus, putting your country much more at the center of the international agenda.

So, at this special time of launch—it is my privilege, to say to the team at Euronews Albania, Welcome to the Euronews Family.

We will continue to support our Albanian friends, as we have done for many months now. Continue to work together, so that Euronews Albania can enjoy the same level of recognition that Euronews enjoys globally today.

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