“Goodbye to summer as we know it”, ministry reveals draft for new measures at the beach



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The Ministry of Tourism and Environment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health have compiled a preliminary draft for the rules that tourists, bars and restaurants will need to follow as they embrace the beginning of the summer season amid the global pandemic.

The ministries have listed the rules in a 48 pages protocol, which seeks to guarantee the protection of the citizens. No more than 4 people will be allowed to sit at the same table at a distance of 10 meters square from the other customers.

The draft also mentions rules for swimming, where tourists will be required to maintain a distance of at least 3 meters, with the exception of parents looking out for their children.

Other measures include:

  • – One-person allowance at the beach bar, or more in case of family members.
  • Maintaining distance during strolls at the beach, lake or rivers.
  • These measures will apply until the end of the epidemic caused by COVID-19


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