President Meta appeals the Parliament not to vote amendments to the Electoral Code



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President Ilir Meta appealed the Parliament not to vote amendments to the Electoral Code, as it would “treacherously break the June 5 agreement, leading to closed doors towards EU integration.”

Meta made this appeal during a press conference with his Bosnian counterpart Sefik Dzaferovic, who is paying a two-day visit to Albania.

“I hope that the so-called majority and the so-called parliamentary opposition are enlightened. No one should think of closing the doors of Albania towards EU integration, because anyone that raises their hand against the June 5 agreement, also raises their hand against Albania’s integration into the EU,” said President Meta.

“The president will publish names of all those that want to do such thing, of those that want to send Albania 30 years in the past…,” he added, insisting that he will applaud all parties who respect the June 5 agreement.

Changes proposed by the ruling socialist majority have been opposed by both, the parliamentary opposition and the extra-parliamentary opposition.

According to them, the Socialist Party proposal does not allow for a full opening of lists, thus violation the Constitution, while for the united opposition, the socialist proposal seeks to deprive parties of the right to coalitions, which is not prohibited by the Constitution.



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