Albanians more pessimistic than world average, according to UN survey



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When it comes to expectations for the future, Albanians are more pessimistic than the world average, according to a global survey conducted by the United Nations on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.

46% of the Albanians have answered negatively to the question: “Overall, do you think that people in 2045 will be better off, worse off, the same as you are today?”, which consists of a higher percentage than the world average, where 32% of respondents globally answered with “worse”.

To the question “What should the international community prioritize to recover better from the pandemic?”, 35% suggested to rethink the global economy, while 33% suggested the prioritization of universal access to health care.

As regards the world in a 25-year time, the UN survey asked citizens of the three things they most want to see, where 45% answered with “more employment opportunities”.  

“It is the duty of all actors in the country to work harder and give more hope to young people, better services, better education opportunities and employment opportunities,” said the Permanent Coordinator of the United Nations Office in Albania.  



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