Exclusive Video | Euronews Albania secures footage filmed inside Al-Hol camp in Syria



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The repatriation of five Albanian nationals from the hellish conditions of the Kurdish held Al-Hol camp in Syria has been on the headlines of all Albanian medias. Four minors and an injured woman were lucky enough to get out from the camp, mainly thanks to the efforts of the Albanian anti-terror squad.

Euronews Albania journalist Eni Ferhati said that the operation was very difficult. In addition, according to sources, 15 other Albanians were rescued from the camp and then transferred into another camp, reportedly more safe for their wellbeing.

“It was a very difficult operation and the anti-terror squad was involved in many negotiations. The Special Forces that accompanied the anti-terror officials are specialized forces that have access in Syria. Apart from the four children, there were 15 other citizens that were pulled out from camp and sent to another one which is more safe”, said Ferhati.

Euronews Albania has secured an exclusive video showing the anti-terror squad carrying out controls at the camp. The video shows an ISIS flag placed on a water container. The symbol is used by radicalized individuals to pressure the residents of the camps.

During an interview on Euronews Albania with Ilva Tare, the uncle of one of the repatriated minors, Gjetan Ndregjoni described the first moments after meeting with his nephew at Tirana International Airport and appealed to his niece, who is still at the camp, to return home.

“Your mom and brother are awaiting you. Don’t be afraid of any soldier who is looking for you and asking you to return to your family”, appealed the girl’s uncle, Gjetan Ndregjoni.

He said that Endri is now at a social centre under the care of a psychologist and medical experts.

“I met him very briefly and we couldn’t spend a lot of time with him”.  

“I experienced some very special emotions. I felt happy to be honest, but if Eva would have returned too, it would have been double the joy. It would be like a rebirth for those two children. I believe they were pressured by people inside the camp”, said the uncle.




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