Ambassador Huseynov: SOCAR is considering to invest in Albania



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The state-owned oil company of Azerbaijan SOCAR, one of the largest, is considering investing in Albania, said for Ilva Tare the Azeri Ambassador to Tirana, Anar Huseynov.

Ambassador Huseynov said that Azerbaijan is interested on investing in Albania in several sectors, not only in energy.

Asked specifically about SOCAR, he said that the company has expressed its interest in coming to Albania.

“There are other investment opportunities, apart from TAP. And this is currently under consideration. From what I know, there’s been a delay due to the pandemic, but SOCAR is still seeing the new possibilities to invest in your country. And they hope that in the upcoming years, they will be well-represented in the country”, said the ambassador.

Relations between Albania and Azerbaijan were established in 1993, however until 2011-2010 they have mainly interacted through international organizations.

After this period, the two countries established substantial cooperation in the economic sphere, predominantly in the energy and education sector.  The largest project remains that of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

Recently, the Albanian government met with the leader of Azerbaijan to discuss about potential cooperation over this matter. Asked whether there have been any recent developments, the ambassador responded that the attention has completely shifted to the conflict with Armenia.  

“From what I know, it happened recently, a month ago or so. I don’t know the details of the agreement that was reached at the meeting. But you, right after the meeting, we were attacked by the neighbour country. So for the moment, all the attention of the authorities is focused on solving the dispute”, said Huseynov.






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