Privatization of Ballshi refinery, Ambassador Huseynov: Nothing to do with Azeri government, it is a private agreement



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In an interview with Ilva Tare on Euronews Albania, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Tirana Anar Huseynov, declared that the privatization of the Ballshi refinery is not a government investment but

Huseynov said he’s regretful that this case has casted doubts over the intentions and the reputation of his country in regards to Albania.

“I understand that this topic has been broadly discussed by local media and society. And I feel bad that this matter has casted doubts on the objectives and the reputation of Azerbaijan in your country, as our government and public authorities, have always been constructive, trustful and stable partners of Albania and we have proved this through previous projects”, said the Ambassador.

“As a member and representative of public authorities, I know that this is a sensitive matter and what I can promise you is that I will travel to Baku as Ambassador to Albania. I will present the case there and I will do my best to contribute in finding a solution as soon as possible”, said the Azeri diplomat.

After an Albanian-Azeri investment plan, the administrating company of the refinery declared bankruptcy. This brought countless financial problems, especially for the oil workers while the situation deteriorated as years passes by. The refinery has been shut down for a year while the oil workers expect their arrears.

Asked whether a probe has been launched in Azerbaijan on the people involved with the privatization of the refinery, the Ambassador confirmed that they are on the run, but that he was not aware of further details.

During the interview, ambassador Huseynov also spoke about relations with Albania and his Azerbaijan’s interest for further investments as well as the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Relations between Albania and Azerbaijan were established in 1993, however until 2011-2010 they have mainly interacted through international organizations.

After this period, the two countries established substantial cooperation in the economic sphere, predominantly in the energy and education sector.  The largest project remains that of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), but Ambassador Huseynov said that Baku is seeing all opportunities to increase investment in Albania.





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