Albania and North Macedonia sign deal on fisheries management in Lake Ohrid and Great Prespa 



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Almost two months after reaching an agreement on the recognition of phytosanitary certificates for a barrier-free movement of agricultural products, Albania and North Macedonia take another step towards the Balkan Schengen strategic initiative for development in the region.

The Ministers of Agriculture of both countries, Bledi Cuci and Arjanit Hoxha, signed an Agreement on Joint Sustainable Fisheries Management in Lake Ohrid and the Great Prespa Lake.

Minister Çuçi said that the finalization of this agreement is another proof of excellent cooperation between the two countries.

“Today we will start to consider the whole ecosystem of Ohrid and Greater Prespa as a whole and we will start to build structures to manage it as a whole, without borders without barriers. I am glad that at least in the field of agriculture we are showing a will to remove any barrier in function of the development of our two countries,” said Minister Çuçi.

“We will make other deals in the field of agriculture and joint management. What we signed today is also in the spirit of what the Prime Ministers of the two countries have discussed for the opening of a Balkan mini-industry, which precedes our integration into the European Union,” said the Minister of Agriculture of North Macedonia, Arjanit Hoxha.

Following the approval of this agreement, a Joint Fisheries Committee will be established in Lake Ohrid and Greater Prespa, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the agreement.

Each party must implement its recommendations through the legal mechanisms provided through national regulatory acts.

A similar agreement for Lake Shkodra is in the final stages of approval and is expected to be signed soon between Albania and Montenegro.



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