US eyes on SPAK over probe on high-level corruption



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The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, welcomed the recent results of the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, widely known as SPAK, and praised it for delivering results.

Kim referred to the sequestration of the former’s Prosecutor General Adriatik Llalla assets on Thursday, based on a request submitted by SPAK based on the Anti-Mafia Law.   

In February 2018, the State Department declared Llalla and his family “persona non grata”, arguing on his “significant involvement in corruptive affairs” and “major human rights infringements”. 

Kim added that this is “precisely the kind of corruption” that SPAK was established for.

After continues pressures for investigating high-level corruption cases, it appears that internationals have turned their attention on SPAK.

SPAK is particularly being monitored on its work over high-profile officials accused for involvement in corruptive affairs, as a matter falling under the jurisdiction of this court, instead of regional ones.






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