25-year-old shot dead by police in Albania, sparking calls for protest



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A policeman in Albania shot and killed a 25-year old man on Tuesday for not obeying orders.

According to the officer, the young man was moving in violation of the coronavirus curfew, making suspicious movements and after several orders to stop, the policeman fired his weapon, shooting two bullets towards him.

The shooting happened around 01:05 about 100 meters away from the boy’s apartment. Kodian Rasha, was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

Rasha’s uncle says that Klodian had no weapon with him and had left the house to take a coffee. He also adds that his nephew struggled with mental health issues, for which he had also been hospitalized before.

An investigation was launched by the Internal Affairs Service at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate the shooting.

Family members and activists dispute details in law enforcement’s version of the story and point it as an example of police resorting to unjustified deadly force against citizens.

The shooting has sparked calls for protests, with many citizens marching in silence on Tuesday against the murder of the 25-year old. Holding candles in their hands, they challenged the curfew and marched for about 30 minutes along the main square towards the direction of the police headquarters, where they stayed for several minutes.

Tensions are boiling over across the country following the shooting which took place during the National Youth Day.



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