The unification of the opposition would turn the April 25 elections into a derby with the SP



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The unification of all opposition parties would translate into a head-to-head electoral race between the ruling majority and the opposition, according to a survey from Euronews Albania in cooperation with the prestigious company RMB.

The Joint Opposition would take 42.7% of the electorate, while Socialists 44% of the votes.

Undecided voters are estimated at 7.4%, meanwhile, those who said they will not vote account for 4.6%.

However, the survey found out that the vote is leaning towards the Socialist (41.8%), followed by the Democrats (28.2%), a 13.6% electorate gap.

According to projections, SMI continues to be “a third force” with 10.3% of the votes, followed by the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU) 1.5%.


Three months ahead of the elections, 1.600 Albanians took part in face-to-face at-home interviews and 2.000 phone surveys, where they posed their concerns, how they evaluate the economy, the work of the government as well as the opposition, and how many votes will political parties receive if elections were to take place this week. A total of five polls, to be conducted periodically, until election day.

The study covers 12 electoral districts, interviews were taken along the timeframe from December 22, 2020 – January 13, 2021 with multiphase stratified sampling.

Eligible voters, equally divided based on gender responded to 43 questions. 

The objective of the survey is to research the thoughts and stances of Albanian citizens over the general elections due on April 25, 2021.

The first results were presented during “Political Barometer” hosted by journalist Ilva Tare and a panel of 6 experts, including the Chairman of MRB, Dimitri Mavros. 

Opozita e Bashkuar by Euronews Balkans




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