Unskilled workers from abroad and their impact on the Albanian economy



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At the center of the discussion is the immigration of unskilled workers that can enter the country from anywhere in the world.

Unskilled or unqualified workers usually have just the most basic education and are not specialized in any field.

In developed countries, unskilled workers play a huge role in the economy as they spare the labor force from jobs that have low productivity so that they can instead focus on other highly productive jobs.

In the case of Albania, the unskilled workers do not speak Albanian and are mainly employed in the manufacturing industry, construction and agriculture.

A cheap workforce will keep the industry undeveloped and it will not improve the economic structure.

In order for a country to develop it has to boost its productivity levels and shift from sectors that require unskilled workers such as agriculture and extracting industries to food production, metal processing and then towards the so-called tertiary sector of industry such as the financial sector, consular services, etc.

A cheap labor force is a subsidy for industries that are inefficient and don’t require technological investments.

Around €800 million worth of goods are exported every year by the manufacturing industry, the only added value in Albania is the minimum wages that they pay to their workers.

If they go to immigrant unskilled workers, then this industry will no longer bring any benefits whatsoever to the local economy.

This sector does not present any additional benefits in Albania because the raw material is imported, while the final product is then exported.

Another problem that can arise from a cheap labor force is increased unemployment.

Currently, circa 39% of those that are employed in Albania are paid a minimum wage (approx. €245), meanwhile 34% receive an average salary estimated at 30-60.000 Albanian Lek (€245-€485). Hence, the arrival of cheap labor from abroad puts these people at risk.

On the other side, unqualified workers encourage high-skilled workers to leave the country because the economy remains at a standstill, hence not providing any incentives to professionals.

And lastly, the arrival of unqualified immigrants undermines social harmony as it is very difficult for them to integrate with society.




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