Vaccine rollout to expand to people above 65, says PM Rama



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During a visit to a vaccination site in Korça, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama confirmed that the rollout will soon continue for citizens above the age of 65.

“We will immediately continue with citizens above the age of 65 and this will start off within this week. So those who are over 60 years old should use the portal e-Albania but they will also be notified by their family doctors”, said Rama asserting that the system is working very well so far.

“Massive vaccinations also require distancing”, added the Albanian premier, hinting at the campaigns of the opposition which have seen large gatherings during their electoral rallies.

“Look at Kosovo, an electoral campaign without physical distancing and large rallies led to a scary rise in new infections and negative death trends. Also look at Montenegro, which had the lowest infection rates in the region, but today they’re still suffering from the terrible consequences of an irresponsible campaign”, said Rama.

Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu accompanied the prime minister during the visit in Korça. She said that on Monday “7.020 Pfizer jabs arrived in Albania”, while the country expects the shipment of another 22.000 doses on April 20.

Manastirliu said that so far 150.000 elderly citizens have been inoculated, while the process is proceeding with a “high intensity”.

As of January 11, when the vaccination campaign rolled out in Albania, a total of 206.708 doses have been administered.





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