Who’s accountable for the Rinas walkout? Bushati: The government. Haxhiu: Air control desertion, unforgivable



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Analysts Andi Bushati and Baton Haxhiu debated again in tonight’s ‘Shock’ about the topic of the day: the suspension of all activity in the Rinas airport as a result of the walkout undertaken by the air traffic control employees of ‘Albcontrol’.

According to Andi Bushati the one responsible for this is the government, which should’ve found a solution for Albcontrol and not let things escalate to the current state.

“From a problem between employer and employees, which in this case is slightly more complicated as it pertains to international relations, we have a syndicalist problem in our hands, where employees need to get paid, based on the terms they signed under, in their contract.

On paper, Albcontrol is a company that isn’t run by the PM or the minister but we all know how these things go and even when Rama says they are working for SMI, he is admitting that they have a political dominium.

The state should’ve found a solution so that the employees could’ve gotten paid. The way this blew up out of proportion is premediated, but it is premediated because the government can not even seem to face a simple problem. The voice of the employees must be respected,” said Bushati.

In turn, analyst Baton Haxhiu stated that based on experience, the only place where a general strike isn’t allowed is the air control. [Even though the air control employees have insisted on the fact that this is in no way a strike].

According to Haxhiu, it is unforgivable only because 60 people are discontent with their wages, to abandon the air control tower.




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