Civil Defense Commission: Ministry to replace air traffic controllers with new or foreign ones



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The government has decided to step in in order to make “air traffic control operational again”, including here by opting to replace the workers with new ones.

Following a proposal by the Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku, the Civil Defence Commission, an organ under the Ministry of Defence, has decided to take the necessary measures in order to resume operations at the airport, and if required, replacing the controllers with new foreign or local ones.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in light of the situation, has been charged with outlining the minimum criteria of the license according to international standards and every other necessary criterion in order to resume flights as earlier as possible”, the commission wrote in a press release.

“The Civil Aviation Authority will take all the necessary measures for the gradual resumption of air activities and if required, to speed up the licensing process of air traffic controllers in compliance with the order released by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy”.

Regarding the ongoing situation on Albania’s main and only airport, the state police has detained three air traffic controllers from the company “Albcontrol” after an official indictment by the Prosecution Office.

The detained have been charged with abuse of office.

All operations at the Tirana International Airport are blocked since Thursday.



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