Notaries also subject to ‘Vetting’, Criteria: proof of clean background and family ties



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All notaries, assistant notaries and candidates in the process of acquiring their license, will be subject to the vetting process for their background and professional integrity.

The government is also asking for verification for their and their family’s possible ties with people involved with crime.

This was the most recent proposition made by the Ministry of Justice, which has also put up for public discussion, a series of adjustments to the existing law on notaries.

In their report, it is emphasized that Albania is involved in the list of countries that are subject to a more extensive monitoring process, known as the grey list, which is focused on money laundering and this has contributed to these supplementary measures that could also result in the total revocation of the notary license for those abusing with their post and signature.

Verifications in this profession are expected to start after the approval of the proposed changes and they will include notaries as well as assistant notaries.

The new law will require all candidates not only to provide verification of their judicial status but also a form showing proof of clean background and that they haven’t had any contact with people involved in corruptive acts or other elements of organized crime. They also need to provide proof that they are not found in the list of those financing terrorism or involved in money laundering.

These changes were recommended by the European Council’s monitoring body against money laundering, Moneyval, while the vetting process for this category will be conducted by the Ministry of Justice.



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