President Meta calls on institutions to guarantee efficiency throughout electoral period



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Albanian President Ilir Meta called on state institution executives to guarantee the normal functioning of administrations prior to and after the parliamentary polls due on April 25.

In an official letter sent to the state police, penitentiary institutions, tax agencies, and the cadastre, Meta said that regardless of the situation at the polls, functionaries must guarantee that their job is carried with efficiency.

“In the past, in a period spanning ahead and after the elections, and mainly during a transitional period that coincides from the moment that elections are held till preliminary results are out, various negative phenomenons have been noticed, most commonly an apathetic attitude towards the functioning of public and state institutions, which in turn does not reflect total efficiency”, said Meta in his letter. 

The president also said that during elections there will be “maximum attention to monitoring all activities of the administration”, and urged functionaries to “increase their responsibilities” in order to:

“[…] not only rigorously implement the legislation in force, but also undertake all necessary measures for the observation, identification and report to law enforcement agencies all decisions that are openly in violation to the law, regardless of the employee, functionary, individual, or physical or judicial subject”.



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