PM Rama debates with Sejamini over foreign investors in Albania



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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said on “In a Few Words”, a weekly show on Euronews Albania, that foreign investments in Albania have increased, although some companies have changed owners in the last few years.

Journalist and analyst Neritan Sejamini mentioned to the prime minister that some serious companies have dropped out of some important sectors in the country, such as banking, hydrocarbon, communication, and hospitality.

But the prime minister pointed out the opposite and insisted that their enterprises have just shifted to other investors.

“No! They didn’t flee Albania, these are all enterprises that have passed onto other investors”, PM Rama said as he listed a few cases.

According to the prime minister “the total of foreign investments has increased and not dropped”.

Responding to Sejamini’s intervention that their shares were in fact passed to “local or eastern investors”, Rama cited at least two well-known enterprises from the aviation and automobile industries.

“We have around 300-400 young men and women that are IT graduates and they have great wages at Air Albania Stadium […] they are Albanian workers that provide solutions for Lufthansa Solutions”, said Rama.

But the prime minister was once again met by an insisting Sejamini who said that “these cases only make use of the labor” but do not really “create investments”, to whom Rama responded with confidence that foreign investments continue to be on the increase.



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