Rinvote | Electoral promises or real party platforms, Arben Pëllumbi and Dorjan Teliti face questions from youth



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Candidates for MP, namely Arben Pëllumbi from the Socialist Party and Dorjan Teliti of the Democratic Party, were confronted by questions from young activists Xhuljana Muçaj and Dosti Banushi on tonight’s Rinvote.

One of the first topics that came up was the public invitation extended by Prime Minister Edi Rama to the leader of the Democratic Party to collaborate.

According to SP’s candidate Pëllumbi, the invitation was not a “straightforward one”, but implied “cooperation in the next four years” and refrain from the divisive rhetoric that has characterized Albanian politics for a long time.

“Integration reforms require an alignment with the future opposition and this is the meaning behind this collaboration philosophy, so we won’t have a joint government and we’re not trying to rule the country together”, explained Pëllumbi.

Dorjan Teliti said that the Democratic Party’s intent has never been to install “divisiveness” and blamed the Socialist Party for that while describing the invitation by Rama as due to the “fear of losing power”.

“Because they don’t want to lose power, they know very well that they will not be a ruling party so they’re trying to catch whatever they can”, insisted Teliti.

Furthermore, the candidate of the Democratic Party Teliti said that the party has a concrete youth program.

Activist Dosti Banushi asked for further clarifications on how the party plans to support the young generation.

“We have a plan. We’ve presented dozens of chapters from our program but on the other hand, we have a political force that it’s not bringing anything. We promise one-year internships that won’t be paid by the enterprise, but from our common coffers. You will find employment, this is our vow”, said Teliti.

The candidate of the Socialist Party Arben Pëllumbi said that the party will focus in integrating youth in the European technological job market as well as new startups.

“In the upcoming four years, we’ll continue to deepen our policies for the youth in the field of coding and new startups, for which we have a new center being built at the premises of the former pyramid. This indicates a clear vision on the perspectives for the youth”, he concluded.

Arben Pëllumbi was also asked over the existence of a database containing personal data of 910 voters in Tirana, including their political affiliations provided by a “patron”, people appointed by the party to uncover political preferences of the citizens.

According to Pëllumbi, this is not a new concept but emphasized that the so-called patron does not provide “real data”, but only “his opinion” based on what he is able to grasp on the ground.

The SP’s candidate in Tirana denied that the party is in possession of private data and said that a probe should be launched into how those data were leaked in the media.

“The patron exists as a concept at the SP, I believe every political party has that, to test its support at the ground level. These are opinions, they’re not data”, declared Pëllumbi.

DP’s candidate in Tirana, Dorjan Teliti, urged SPAK to provide an explanation of what happened with this confidential data.

Teliti asserted that all political parties have their own databases, but with “public” and not “confidential” data.

“Databases should be assembled based on public data, not confidential ones, DP’s database has information about voting lists and the tendency of the voters, there is no infringement of privacy up to here, but when the phone number is included, then it’s a violation”, said Teliti.





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