Basha in Tropoja: the April 25th elections, most important since the fall of the dictatorship



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The democratic leader, Lulzim Basha started off his electoral campaign today in Tropoja, where he declared that the April 25th elections are the most important since the fall of the communist regime.

He added that the reinstatement of the sub-prefecture of Tropoja, will be one of the first decisions he will take, if he becomes prime minister.

“It is time for a government belonging to all Albanians, for a government that doesn’t exude arrogance, oppression, fines but it feels the problems, suffering and anguish of every family in its heart, a government that feels the challenges of every Albanian as if they were his own. The time approaching is the most important one, there is no second chance. Those that for 8 years, left behind this country of noble people, those that took away services from you, how did they think they could ever defeat the invincible soul of the Tropojans?

Today, I can tell you that the first decision of my new government will be the declaration of the sub-prefecture of Tropoja and the relocation of services right here in Tropoja, services for the people, close to the people,” said the leader of the democrats.



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