President Ilir Meta reacts after murder in Elbasan



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The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta spoke on today’s shooting in Elbasan, where a person was killed with a firearm and three others were wounded.

The head of state was in Fier, when he gave a statement for the media saying that the county of Elbasan is one of the most problematic in Albania.

“I cannot say anything about what happened in Elbasan, because I can’t speak without being clear on the dynamic of the situation, but I do know that Elbasan has been and continues to be one of the most problematic counties, together with Durres,” he said.

He also raised another concern, when saying that the Prosecution Office in Elbasan is entirely one-sided.

“What is most concerning in Elbasan is that the majority of electoral crimes until now belong to Elbasan. Something that is very serious is that the prosecution is completely one-sided in Elbasan, and so is the Informative Service and I have been dealing with this today and speaking with the director of SHISH, not only in Elbasan but in other cities as well and lastly everyone knows that the Elbasan Police takes part being an ally of different rival groups, even though they’re always linked to Taluant,” said Meta.

Meta also called on law-enforcement institutions to be on duty and to let go of any political relationships or preference.

“Law-enforcement agencies should break ties with any political preference and undoubtedly they will answer for all the grave incidents that are being registered across the county, because the country doesn’t need victims, and on top of everything, the county doesn’t need any kind of violation of electoral standards. Citizens should march with love and tranquility towards April 25th,” he concluded.



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