1 person confirmed dead and 4 injured in Elbasan shooting



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One person has died and at least two are wounded following a shooting in Elbasan, police confirm.

Elbasan was startled today by a shooting, which involved citizen Pjerin Xhuvani being killed and 4 others injured: Emiljan Prenga, 39; Pavlo Vuksani 50; Eltjon Bodinaku 32 and Xhensila Sota, 27 (police officer).

The author of the murder was a former-Effective of RENEA, Arber Papaleka, who self-surrendered to the police of Tirana, shortly after the incident.
Authorities confirm that from his first declarations, the perpetrator has said that he shot the victim and acted out of self-defense and that the situation had escalated, because according to him, the victim was handing out money for votes.

Pjerin Xhuvani was well-known around Elbasan as he had been director of the Psychiatric Hospital of Elbasan and later director of the Regional Directory of the Mandatory Healthcare Fund. In 2015, he was arrested under allegations of violating the medicine reimbursement scheme.

He has been involved with several political parties. Earlier, he has been involved with SMI in Elbasan, as well as the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU). Journalist Marin Maci said that recently, he hadn’t been involved in any particular political force.

Pjerin Xhuvani had also been spotted out in the photos denounced by the opposition, during the clash between the Socialist and Democratic Party on March 14th, as he was meeting with Secretary of SP, Taulant Balla.



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