Jurist Jordan Daci on impeachment procedures: Who has the final say?



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The Socialist Party is rolling up sleeves to gather signatures for the impeachment of the President of the Republic Ilir Meta.

The Socialists claim that the head of state has “violated the Constitution”, both prior and during the electoral campaign, and called to rollout the procedure on ousting the president.

Associate Professor of Law, Jordan Daci, explained on Euronews Albania that the first step that needs to be undertaken is establishing an Inquiry Commission, which then submits its findings that are to be evaluated and adopted by the Assembly, and only afterward the Constitutional Court has its final say on whether the president is declared “guilty as charged”.

“So, in order to impeach the president, which as we have seen is in fact a pending project, initially calls for the establishment of an Inquiry Commission, who after detecting the violations, submits them for a vote in parliament. Then, it is up to the Constitutional Court to adjudicate whether he is guilty or not. If he is found guilty, it can move forward with his impeachment”, said Daci.

Asked from journalist Bruna Çifligu whether current MPs have the jurisdiction to probe into the head of state, Daci said that the matter demands an interpretation in regards to deadlines.

“In this case, Article 4 on the Law for the Establishment of an Inquiry Commission, prohibits the creation of a commission 4 months prior to the termination of a parliamentary mandate, But, at the time speaking, a parliamentary mandate shall begin when MPs have taken the oath, which must be around 9 of September, so it remains open to interpretations. The first thing to be considered is whether there are 4 months left or not”, concluded Jordan Daci.



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