Defender 21, US ambassador Kim: ‘A great step forward for Albania’



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This Tuesday, the biggest multinational military exercise ever taking place in Albania, commenced in the port of Durres. Albania is one of the 16 participating nations, where the military drill led by the US army titled ‘Defender 21’ will be held.

The troops arriving from 26 different states, under the direction of the US army will be conducting their operations in the port of Durres, in the airbases of Kucova, Berat, Zall-Herr, Biza, Pashaliman as well as in the air force station of Farka.

The US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim called Albania’s participation in this event a historical achievement or as she called it a “historic milestone”.

“This marks a major step up for Albania and demonstrates the confidence that exercise planners have placed in its military,” wrote ambassador Kim through her post on Twitter.

Albania was chosen amongst the other countries because of its strategic location and the fact that it has been a valuable partner for the US for years now. This military exercise will be taking place in locations around the Balkans and the Black Sea.

Albania plays a critical role in this exercise. Joint logistic operations Over-the-Shore, JLOTS will be conducted for the first time in Europe since World War II, in the Port of Durres.

During the multinational exercise Defender Europe 21, 5 logistic stations will be established in the countries involved, one of which being Albania. The 31 exercise areas will be built in 12 of the participating nations.




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