“Election fraud inquiry will be a major test for SPAK”, says DP’s Bylykbashi on Ilva Now



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Oerd Bylykbashi, a member of the presidency of the Democratic Party, and a winning candidate in the county of Durres spoke about the party’s appeal against the outcome of the parliamentary polls.

The Democratic Party is calling on the Complaints and Sanctions Commission to proclaim that the results of the elections were invalid for 9 counties.

Bylykbashi said that the last parliamentary polls were an “electoral massacre comparable only to those of 2001”.

At the time, the Socialists entered the race with Ilir Meta as prime minister and won 73 mandates, while the DP, led then by the Sali Berisha only received 46 parliamentary seats.

Asked from journalist Ilva Tare on why the DP has only deposited an appeal in the districts where it has lost, he emphasized that the party will bring forward all the evidence of the violations committed and, in this case, the Electoral Code stipulates that the outcome of the elections should be declared as invalid.

“Invalid does not imply that the ballots were counted wrongly. We will bring evidence about massive violations, of brutal proportions, that has altered the will of the voters, not simply how the votes were counted”, said Bylykbashi.

“This is separate from the Complaint Commission will decide as it is commanded by the SP. The Complaints and Sanctions Commission is the body, that together with the Electoral College, sanctioned the ballot paper to have candidates represented with numbers, which produced 83.000 invalid ballots”.

Furthermore, he said that election fraud inquiry will be a “major test for SPAK”, the anti-corruption structure overseeing an investigation of alleged cases of fraud at the polls.

“These elections will be a major test for SPAK. The proof is there, the criminal complaints are supplemented with evidence and we’re speaking about what the Albanian people have witnessed”, Bylykbashi said.

In an overall analysis of the April 25 elections, the MP that secured a parliamentary seat to represent the county of Durres said that the electoral system “is not fair”, and that the recent amendments favored the Socialists.


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