13 allies brought an additional 62.000 votes to DP’s coalition



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During Neritan Sejamini’s last night’s show airing on Euronews Albania ‘IN A FEW WORDS’, the main topic of discussion was the number of votes procured by the parties allied to the Democratic Party’s coalition in the April 25th parliamentary elections.

Around 10 %, or 62 589 votes of the “Alliance for Change” coalition of the Democratic Party during the April 25th elections, were acquired by the 13 ally parties.

The exact number of votes won by each ally party is difficult to calculate, but taking into consideration the number of preferential votes won by each candidate, we can arrive at an estimated figure.

Out of 153 candidates in the list of the DP-AN coalition, 24 candidates were from ally parties and 129 from the Democratic Party.

62,589 citizens voted for the candidates of DP’s ally parties during the April 25th elections. Compared to the 2009 and 2013 electoral years, DP’s allies have received fewer votes.

In the elections of 2009, they received around 102 thousand votes, whereas in the 2013 elections, around 153 thousand votes.

In the 2017 elections, the votes won by these parties can’t be specified, seeing that they ran in the same list as DP, and back then, the Electoral Code didn’t allow voters to choose a preferential candidate.

The ally party receiving the most votes was PDIU, with 16 630 votes, followed by the Movement for Legality party, PLL with 12 376 votes, the Agrarian Environmentalist Party, PAA with 8 190 votes and the Republican Party, PR with 8 149 votes.

Shpëtim Idrizi, Chairman of PDIU was the most voted candidate amongst DP’s allies, followed by Fatmir Mediu of the Republic Party (PR) and the one coming in third was Petrit Dola with of PLL. Only 7 candidates of the ally parties were able to obtain a parliamentary mandate during these elections.


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