CEC and CAS start the evaluation of electoral appeals by political subjects



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The Commission of Appeals and Sanctions, part of the Central Electoral Commission decided to return for revision, several appeal requests from electoral subjects for the April 25th results and it passed several others into the next steps of the evaluative process.

In addition, according to verifications, KAS decided to start the verification process of the following appeal requests: no. 33, no. 34, no. 35, no. 36, no. 37, no. 38, no. 39, no. 40, no. 41, no. 42, no. 43, no. 44, nr no 46, no. 48, no. 49, no. 51, no. 52 and no. 53, with the appellants being the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), the Democratic Party (DP) and the candidates proposed by voters, Ilijaz Shehu, Boiken Abazi and Kreshnik Merxhani.

The evaluation of these appeals will begin starting this Wednesday at 09:30 in the morning.

In addition, CAS returned for revision the appeals requests of Tahsim Mehmeti, candidate for MP in Vlora and Kostaq Papa from ABEOK that asks the invalidation of the election results in the electoral district of Tirana.

CAS also decided to not accept the evaluation request for the appeals of the DP candidate, Lediana Fratari for the recounting of votes for the candidates of Tirana.

For the April 25th elections, 15 appeal requests have been submitted to the Commission for Appeals and Sanctions, by political subjects, where 9 are from DP, which demands repeating the voting process in 9 electoral districts, 4 appeals are from SMI and 2 from the ABEOK coalition.

Elvin Lako was appointed realtor for DP’s appeals request in the district of Vlora, with no. 36, Shkodra with no. 38 and Elbasan with no. 40.

Elvis Cefa was appointed realtor for DP’s appeals requests for the district of Korca, with no. 43 and 2 requests of SMI for counties of Berat, with no. 34 and Durres with no. 34.


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