Basha holds meetings with DP structures in Fier: No alliance with Rama



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In continuation to his tour of meetings with DP’s structures, the Chair of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha was in Fier today, when he asked all democrats to continue their battle.

Basha reiterated that the Democratic Party won’t concede the elections and he refuted all possibilities of collaborating with PM Edi Rama.

“The electoral massacre of April 25th won’t be acknowledged. The result of the alteration of Albanians’ will won’t be accepted. There’s no doubt about this, the battle will continue. Any other illusion insinuating that we will accept this regime as a legitimate government, this regime that has broken every rule, law and the Constitution of this country, any such illusion is a useless dream,” stated Basha.

“We are a great home, where no one is excessive. You know very well that the power to choose those that represent you and lead you, has been in your hands and very soon, it will be again. The decision will be yours,” concluded Basha.



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