VV in Albania shows footage of how votes were ‘stolen’ from their candidates



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The VV headquarters in Albania have continued to publish the video footage taken from their independent candidates in the electoral district of Tirana, Lezha and Gjirokaster, respectively Boiken Abazi, Iliaz Shehu and Kreshnik Merxhani during the counting process of the April 25th parliamentary elections in Albania, which are also illustrated through photos that according to them, prove how the votes for LVV were abused.

According to VV, its observers have identified how this method of “counting” was happening en masse, where the box pertaining to the electoral subject no. 13 was covered throughout the entire time, as soon as the ballot paper appeared on the screen of the counting desks.

“This ‘counting’ method is a flagrant violation of the Electoral Code and the Guidelines of the CEC. By hiding the box pertaining to electoral subject no. 13, you can’t understand if there is an ‘x’ in that box or not. Let it be understood that this phenomenon, which was happening massively, was part of the plan to manipulate the will of the people and to disqualify the independent candidates from the race,” says the region of VV on social media.

Earlier, VV has also raised accusations regarding legal violations committed by the commissions of the counting stations during the ballot counting process. These violations included the prohibition of independent observers from entering the counting stations, pressure to not document electoral crimes during the counting process, the ignoring of the requests made by the three candidates by the commission of vote counting, etc.



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