“We need a full parliament”, Ambassador Soreca for Euronews Albania: CEC and SPAK to look into every single irregularity



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According to the head of the European Union’s Delegation to Albania, the elections were held in an orderly manner, however during an interview, he told Euronews Albania that Albanian institutions need to oversee any complaint of alleged irregularities.

“Following the elections, there are of course these discussions, complaints, allegations for vote-buying, and irregularities. We want the competent authorities, therefore the judicial authorities, SPAK, CEC, and CAS to look into every single irregularity. When this is done, then certify the result”, said Ambassador Soreca. “We need to have a full parliament, as Commissioner Varhelyi said it, we need to have a full parliament to have a legitimate work of Albania towards the European Union”.

Besides discussions on the campaign, in regards to EU membership, political leaders must pass to the facts, said the EU Ambassador.

“We expect from political parties while there are in the government or while they are in the opposition to walk the talk and therefore making the necessary action to help Albania join the EU”, added Ambassador Soreca.

The EU Ambassador is currently on a tour across the country under the framework of Europe Week to acquaint Albanian citizens with EU investment.

“Only in the last year, for the pandemic crisis, the European Union has invested €230 million on top of the €100 million on average that we spend for Albania, we donate to Albania since the last 20 years.”

Ambassador Soreca explained that all this money is being used towards the projects that are being presented during the tour.



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