European weeks | Soreca joins in on the traditional ‘Pogonishte’ dance and taste-tests some rakija  



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The head of the EU delegation in Tirana, Luigi Soreca accompanied by several other ambassadors of EU members states in our country are closing their tour of visits all across Albania with a ceremony organized in Tirana’s Skanderbeg square.

Ambassador Soreca accompanied with ambassadors of Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Sweden etc, have called on citizens to join them in this activity in order to get filled in on more information regarding the help that the EU is offering Albania.

“These past couple of days, we have just started with a list of extraordinary events, while directly informing citizens on how the EU and the union’s member states are helping Albania,” says the EU ambassador from Tirana.

Luigi Soreca and the other EU ambassadors weren’t reluctant to join in on the group of dancers, who were performing the traditional Southern Albanian dance of the ‘Pogonishte’. Ambassador Soreca even taste-tested some rakija.


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As Albania is anticipating its first Inter-governmental Conference with the EU, that would formalize the official opening of negotiations for our membership in the EU, ambassador Soreca has organized a number of visits in different Albanian cities, where he has expressed that the local government will play an important role in the fulfilment of conditions set forth by the EU.

Albania is a candidate country for membership accession to the EU. Our country has made its formal application in 2009, whereas the candidate status was granted to us in 2014. Since 2018, when the European Council recommended the opening of negotiations without conditions, Albania is waiting to formally initiate discussions, which would start after the first IGC (Inter-governmental conference) between Albania and the EU.





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