Former Prosecutor General Adriatik Llalla sentenced to 2 years in prison



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The Special Court Against Corruption and Organized Crime has sentenced former prosecutor-general Adriatik Llalla to 2 years behind bars as well as banning him from holding a public office for 5 years on “refusing to declare assets” and “concealing assets” charges.

Llalla was also declared guilty over unjustified expenses worth $7.000 incurred for the birth of his son in the United States.

Some of his property, including land in the suburbs of Tirana and an apartment in Durres, have been seized and will be trasnferred to the ownership of the state.

His defense counsel presented today supportive evidence and declared that Llalla is innocent, after the pretense submitted by SPAK prosecutor Klodian Braho.

Defense attorney Sokol Hazizaj argued that the charges against his client are “fabricated”.

“In 2016, Adriatik Llalla took a loan to send his family to Germany amid threats. He has not hidden his assets in any moment”, his attorney said.

Regarding the $7.000 sum paid when his son was born in the US, the attorney said that they were a gift from “a friend of his client” an American of Albanian descent who was also called to testify in court.

Several representatives of the US Embassy attended the trial.



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