Defender Europe 2021 embarks in Tirana, Ambassador Kim, PM Rama and President Meta attend the event



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Apart from military drills in 7 different bases across the country, US and Albanian military forces will also spend some time meeting with citizens in several cities.

“Defender Europe 21” has landed today in Tirana, where citizens will have the opportunity to see different military equipment on display, including military vehicles and helicopters at the “Mother Teresa” Square”.

Present at the ceremony are US Ambassador to Albania Yuri Kim, Prime Minister Edi Rama, President Ilir Meta and Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi.

In her speech, the Ambassador Kim said that the US knows that it has a strong and courageous ally such as Albania.

She underlined that the relationship between Albania and the US should come above everything.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said that this “exhibition would have not been the same, without the US support to increase Albania’s military capacity”.

He added that the mission of both countries is to increase the capacity of the Armed Forces.

“Defender Europe 21” is the largest military exercise that has taken place in the Western Balkans and Albania is the main location.

Defender Europe 2021, the military exercises led by the US Army will continue until mid-June.

This year, 28.000 multinational troops coming from 27 states will carry out simultaneous exercises in more than 30 training areas, from the important geostrategic zone in the Baltics to the Balkans and the Black Sea.



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