PM Rama gives ultimatum to illegal building owners: Until Monday, to bring them down



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PM Edi Rama was in the coastal city of Shengjin earlier today, when he forewarned all those that have built illegal developments to start demolishing them, otherwise starting from Monday they will face the Penal Code.

“I invite them to read the Penal Code to see what expects them the moment violations are detected by the police department, and the moment they need to face the consequences for these serious offenses and start to ‘bring them down by themselves,” stated Rama.

The Prime Minister also called on every one that is aware of the fact that they have broken the law through their illegal building activities, to take the necessary precautions so that they can face more lenient measures.

“Our operation starts on Monday and I want to communicate this message, to all those that know that they are currently breaking the law, to take the necessary precautions starting from now, because on Monday and onwards, it will be too late to avoid coming face to face with the law,” emphasized the Prime Minister.

Through this message, Rama also spoke to all those citizens that have partaken in the process of constructing a building without a permit, starting from engineers to construction workers, saying that they are all responsible before the law.

“I want to make it clear to the whole chain of those involved, starting from engineers, constructors all the way to the very last worker that based on the Penal Code, they all share their part in the blame and responsibility. Everyone will be stopped and penalized.



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