Culture and history, a list of destinations to learn more about the past and present of Albania  



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Whatever destination we choose to visit and spend our time in, it is necessary to integrate history in our itinerary and list of things we absolutely need to see.

This is why, this week Kruja will be a main focus because of the city’s significance and rich historical past.

You can stop by in places like the Museum of Ethnography, the Old Bazaar, the Castle of Kruja but we decided to stop by the Museum of Skanderbeg, which this week is hosting an exhibition with unique documents of the State Archive.

Skanderbeg Museum, Kruja

“Another element is the fact that it is us, that are bringing the archive to the outside world, we have to go to the citizens, to present them this wealth, because at the end of the day in this collection anyone can find their grandfathers their homes, their neighbourhoods, how things used to be 100 years ago. They can find a piece of our history,” stated Ardit Bido, director of the State Archive.

The Museum of Skanderbeg remains one of the most visited destinations, however taking a tour around its premises, can never be time wasted.

Ethnographic Museum of Kruja

“We have treated it like a memorial, where the words play the main role and if you are able to interpret it, the word never dies. If right now in the world there are cases of buildings being turned to museums, this one has been built since its foundations, on the thought and concept of becoming a museum,” stated Mehdi Hafizi, director of the Museum of Skanderbeg.

Kruja’s Old Bazaar, Albania

Even though everyone is now able to become part of a virtual tour of the museum, this hasn’t influenced the number of visitors.

“I have worked here for many years now. Visitors used to come here when they were students, now they are bringing their own children to visit” he added.

In the central northern city of Shkodra, options like the Museum of History, the photography museum of renowned Albanian photographer, Pietro Marubi, the Fototeka Marubi and the Museum of Communist Crimes are among many historic and cultural centres worth paying a visit at least one time in your life, while visiting Albania.

Marubi Museum, Shkoder

In addition, we’ll continue in the field of cultural heritage and land in southern Albania in the village of Pilur, Vlora, which on May 5th and 6th is hosting the festival of Albanian folk music known worldwide the iso-polyphony, titled “Nights of the White Bejka/Netët e Bejkës së Bardhë”, with the performance of the groups of polyphony of the South that will be part of the concert repertoire.

Southern village of Pilur, Credits:

Still in Vlora, you are invited to enjoy the exhibition of painter, Helidon Haliti titled “Pink Poetry”, which launched on June 2nd, at the Gallery of Vlora.

This time, we decide to end our offer back in the capital city, Tirana for everyone that is staying in the city or won’t be able to move out for the weekend.

COD, Prime Minister’s Office, Tirana.

A truly special event is the annual festival of the Cloud, which on the occasion of its 5th anniversary will be holding a dynamic artistic calendar.

“The origin of the Cloud festival was born because of a lack of an actual theatre dedicated to dance. After the Cloud festival, we move on to the Italian cinema,” stated Edit Pulaj, artistic director of the Cloud.

The Cloud museum, Tirana.

This weekend, the Cloud has planned the following activities.

“We’ll be kicking off the festival with very famous artists, like Dren Abazi and the Zik Zak orchestra, and continue on Saturday with a silent Italian movie,” she added.

Lastly, at the Centre for Openness and Dialogue (COD) in the central hall of the Prime Minister’s offices, you’ll find the newest exhibition of Albanian Belgium-based contemporary artist, Robert Aliaj.




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