Çajupi theater is back, opening its doors with the concert titled ‘Hortensia’



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The bad weather seems to have changed the plans of many but also lead to the grand reopening of the Anton Zako Cajupi theater in Korca, bringing together songs from Korca, Pogradec and Dibra. It was the concert called “Hortensia” or in the local language Snow flower that returned visitors to this theater’s auditorium in the beautiful southeastern city of Korca, after a long absence of more than a year and a half.

The producer, Flora Nikolla states that the goal was for traditional music to be taken back to its roots and originality, while adding that the concert is held all around the country, celebrating and showcasing the folk music and songs unique to every region.

“After a successful tour in Pogradec and Dibra, we are now in Korca, – the city of culture, tradition and mundanity. We are bringing a series of songs, traditional of the city of Korca, in an entirely different and unique way,” said Nikolla.

“This tour has just begun because year after year, we will continue across the entire country. In the end, we will have a beautiful mosaic of these old songs recreated and brought to present days,” added Nikolla, the concert’s producer.

Korca’s charming soprano, Eva Golemi and baritone, Kreshnik Zhabjaku affirmed the joy this concert has brought them.

“The theater was full; we had an amazing time. The public was fantastic, welcoming. I enjoyed it and had an incredible time, after such a long and difficult pandemic,” stated Golemi.

“The return, quote on quote, to normality, is a new feeling for us after a year and a half in the pandemic. For me, it was an even bigger emotion. We thank Korca and its dear public,” added Zhabajaku.

Cultural events in Korca have resumed, in compliance with all the rules of the pandemic. These cultural events also serve as a great way to attract tourists and visitors to check out the immense variety of activities, places and beautiful people, this city has to offer.




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