New 10,000 Albanian Lek banknote to be released in July



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In July, the Bank of Albania is set to release a new banknote worth 10,000 Albanian Lek. Also, the current 1,000 banknotes will be released with an entirely new design.

It was bank governor Gent Sejko who unveiled to the public on Tuesday the new set of notes set to be released in July.

Governor Sejko said during the ceremony that the need to issue the new notes is tied to the country’s economic development as well as market demands.

The 10,000 banknote features the National Flag and a portrait of the renowned poet Aleksander Stavre Drenova, broadly known as Asdreni, who lived during the Albanian Renaissance and wrote the National Anthem.

The note contains also advanced security features to prevent the production of counterfeit money.

The 10,000 Albanian Lek bill will be the largest denomination ever printed.



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