4 highly recommended attractions during your visit to Puka   



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For years now, Puka has turned into a favorite destination for local and foreign visitors that are looking to enjoy a piece of nature, mountains, rivers or the many lush forests that can be found in the beautiful alpine city in northern Albania.

The city rises on a plateau found 838 meters above the sea level, surrounded by three mountains, Krab, Terbun and Munella that together with the pine trees that are characteristic of this region, contribute to an incredibly healthy climate all year round.

Puka is a perfect city for mountain tourism, skiing, alpinism and fans of nature and adventure but it is also well-known and sought-after by visitors for its bio and organic products “Made in Puka”. These are the 4 destinations worth visiting, while in Puka.

Lake of Puka

Lake of Puka, Albania

There’s no need for words, for quite some time now, the lake of Puka has turned into a destination that’s not worth missing. It offers an alpine landscape, surrounded by a pine tree forest for more than 400 hectares, as well as belts of marvelous fir trees amongst which, locals have built many guesthouses that invite hundreds of visitors during the entire year, looking to enjoy the enchanting beauty and health benefits of wild untouched nature.

Museum of Migjeni

Migjeni museum, Puka, Albania.

It’s not a coincidence that the renowned Albanian writer, Millosh Gjergj Nikolla, known by his pen name, Migjeni, chose Puka to spend the last years of his life. It is now a well-known fact that Migjeni suffered from a severe lung problem, which is why doctors suggested he lived in a city with pine trees and clean fresh air. During his time in Puka, in 1930s-40s, Migjeni taught at a local school, which has now been turned into a museum in his honor and definitely deserves paying a visit to, for everyone wanting to learn more about the great Albanian poet.

Organic products – “Made in Puka”

Local products, Puka. Albania.

Puka is known for more than 20 years now, for its workshops and local factories making nutritious products that are only made with fruits and plants that grow in the lands of the Pukians. Starting from teas and medicinal plants, organic honey made from local flowers, the famous jams made from everything you can think of from chestnuts to wild berries, cornel, plums, apples, strawberries and peach, the local rakija made of cherries or berries, a liquor made of mint or walnuts – the list can go on and on but one thing is certain, the main thing tourists are looking for, when they come to Puka, apart from the fresh air and nature, are these organic homemade products that are becoming harder and harder to find.

City Train

City Train, Puka. Albania.

With a personal initiative and aim to attract more tourists to his city, a local entrepreneur built a train offering visitors a chance to take an unusual tour around the city. Inspired by many Italian cities, where such a train is a common attraction, the local businessman says that he built this train by modifying a Toyota Land Cruiser, and the final product is this train that can be a perfect way for a large family or group of tourists wanting to explore the city, without the need of several cars.



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