4 highly recommended attractions in the city of Fushe-Arrez



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Fushe-Arrez, a city in northern Albania, 23 km away from Puka – around 35 minutes car drive – is another place, which offers many tourist attractions that are absolutely worth a visit. Now it is quite clear, the north of Albania is an alpine paradise for everyone that loves fresh air, the breath-taking mountain landscapes and the crowns of forests that surround the northern cities and give one the chance to hike, stop over the many crystal water creeks and most importantly, fill up your lungs with the clean air that is lacking in our metropoles.

These are some of the tourist attractions in Fushe-Arrez, which are definitely not worth skipping.

Forest Fruits

Fresh berries picked in Fushe Arrez

The alpine climate is certainly perfect for the production of various fruits starting from blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… all kinds of berries. The fruit grows naturally in the mountain forests and after being collected by locals it is brought to the Factory of Fruit Collection in Fushe-Arrez, supplied to the national market and exported internationally. These small factories also make various fruit juices that apart from being full of vitamins and good for your health, they are thoroughly delicious. For anyone that knows the value of organic fruits, Fushe-Arrez is the perfect stop to try them and pack up for the entire year.

Waterfall of Kryeziu

Kryeziu waterfall, Fushe Arrez

Around 5 kilometres on the north of Fushe-Arrez, this waterfall can be found in the village baring the same name, which is part of the list of 100 touristic villages that offer numerous remarkable hotspots for all fans of nature. The waterfall is found in the creek of Orosh, that is surrounded by magmatic rocks. If you don’t want to take a dip in the crystal waters, or the temperature doesn’t allow for one, then you can marvel away at the many natural caves and rock formations, if you’re not too busy taking a deep breath of fresh air in the middle of the pine tree forests.

Master Woodworkers

Woodworking in Fushe Arrez

The area of Fushe-Arrez is surrounded by many tall trees especially pine and maple, so it’s not a coincidence that woodworking is a common profession in the city that has been passed on from generation to generation. The wood masters here create everything from furniture, to works of art, souvenirs and pyrography, which is an ancient technique of drawing on wood through fire. Find yourself making an order for a personal dedication on wood or choose among the many wooden works of art, during your stay in Fushe-Arrez, you won’t be disappointed.


Flija dish cooking in Fushe Arrez

We couldn’t possibly leave the Flija also known as flia, out of the list. This delicious dish consisting of multiple layers of dough stacked up on top of each other, butter and fresh cream has been made for years in northern Albania and Kosovo and is an absolute must for everyone visiting. The process of making this dish is long and complicated, being baked in a spherical metal lid and wooden stove, so the reward of having a chance to taste it is even greater. In short, you have to try it because…there is absolutely nothing like it!



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