Soreca exchanges views on new legislature with Basha: Opposition will play a key role



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EU ambassador, Luigi Soreca met with the Chair of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha earlier today and through a post on Twitter, he said that the opposition will play an important role in the new parliamentary legislature this coming September.

“Long exchange today between the EU heads of missions and chairman Lulzim Basha. In view of the new legislature, where the opposition will play a crucial role, we exchanged views on the current political situation post-elections, EU integration, media and justice reform,” wrote Soreca.

The focus of discussions has been the current political situation, EU Integration and the progress of the justice reform.

DP leader, Lulzim Basha considered the process of the April 25th elections to have had irregularities and according to him, the Socialist Party is directly responsible for this.

During his public communication, Basha has often stated that DP won’t concede the recent parliamentary elections and this stance has increased uncertainties regarding whether or not the democratic party will participate in the next parliament.

The Albanian Parliament held its last plenary session today for this legislature. Many of the names of the members of parliament, who have been criticized recently on their performance, won’t be part of the upcoming parliament.



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