Rama on police restructuring: Corrupt bar owners have turned our officers into their personal watchdogs



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PM Edi Rama reiterated his statements today that there will be transitions within the entire state police hierarchy, well within the level of commissariats.

During a meeting with representatives of the state police, PM Rama called the lack of ethical behavior of our task forces toward citizens, unjustifiable and said the same about the rise in the number of cases denouncing bribes and corruption amongst the ranks of the Albanian police.

According to the head of state, a good part of them should be banned from the police system and put before the law.

“In every county, traffic police, commissaries, ‘Eagle’ specialized forces that are infiltrated should go before the law,” said Rama.

Rama also called the recent case in Saranda “intolerable”, where two individuals ended up injured after an assault with a weapon, which took place in a nightclub. According to Rama, in cases like this, the entire chain of command should be convicted, because they had flagrantly broken the law by allowing the bar to stay open well beyond the business hours instated by government officials.

PM Rama also noted that some bar-owners located along the coastline, are corrupted and the biggest abusers of our police forces, as in his words they “drag police chiefs by their noses”, turning them into their own personal watchdogs, looking over their illicit business activities.

“Who are these bar owners along our coasts, who openly break the law, overstep police curfew, create the space for abuse the degenerates to the point of gunshots and injures, in the middle of large groups of innocent people.

Let me tell you who these people are. They are tutors of the state police, they are the ones who make the law and control those territories, they are the corrupters, the biggest abusers of our police forces, who are dragged by their noses and turned into watchdogs of their illegitimate business activities,” concluded the head of state.



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