Basha proposes changes to DP’s statute ahead of July 17th’s National Assembly



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Chair of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha proposed several changes to the party statute, before the Permanent Statutory Commission earlier today.

Through a proposal directed at the Commission on July 10th, Basha underlined around 11 changes to the statute, amongst which lies a proposal to choose the candidates for mayor, through a voting system amongst the party’s membership.

“We have broadened the concept of democracy within the party, including the selection of candidates of the local government, which has, in turn, minimized the competence that the leader possessed in this scope,” – states Basha’s proposal.

“[…] the obligation to consult the membership is also foreseen for candidates of the local government, who after carrying out their consultation with the membership will be proposed by the Party’s Chair, appointed by the Leadership and the full list will be approved by the National Council. Therefore, the National Council is also included in the decision-making process as a ratifying body,” – continue the proposal.

Basha has also proposed an expansion of the Party’s leadership, including its secretaries. The directors of the National Council, financial board, electoral and appeals commission should automatically become members of the party leadership.

In addition, Basha has proposed to make some additions to the National Council including departments like the “Coordinating County Council”, which is thought as a new structure that will be led by the political director of the county.

These proposals are set to be discussed by the party’s leadership, to then go through the approved process by the National Assembly, which is expected to convene on July 17th.

During the National Assembly meeting, an analysis of the April 25th elections is also expected to take place; elections, which Basha has on numerous occasions considered to be the result of an “electoral massacre”. The new members of the Council will also be voted in during the meeting of DP’s National Assembly.



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