DP’s National Assembly, Basha: Albania was sacked during the pandemic



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The leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha accused the government of robbing the people during the pandemic, as he spoke from the podium of the party’s National Assembly.

Basha referred to the current government as “the regime” which has been serving only “fines and propaganda” while accusing it of enriching a few through secret tenders.

“Even when Albania was struck by a disaster, they couldn’t stop their thirst”, declared the leader of the PD.

According to Basha, the claims are supported by the preliminary results of the OSCE/ODIHR report on the elections.

“The biggest robbery in the history of pluralism”, he said.

In addition, he warned that the DP’s battle will now be pursued in parliament.

Basha also proposed a Civic Platform for Democracy that aims to offer collaboration for all social groups that aspire for a change, as well as restore legitimacy and democracy.

“With the strength bestowed by the people on April 25, we invite the majority of Albanians that demand fundamental changes on how things work in the country, and tangible results for themselves and their children, to build a together a Civic Platform for Democracy”, said DP’s chair.

Basha then turned to the members of the Democratic Party inviting them to be collaborative.

“To all those that understand the risks posed by this regime on democracy and have contributed for the Democrats throughout the years, this is and will remain your home”, Basha said.

“You will always have my hand if you want to join our action and return to our values, but I will never turn my face away on those maltreating the sacrifices of the Democrats for personal temporary gains”.

The Democratic Party’s National Assembly convened to choose the member of the National Council as well as vote on the amendments of the party’s statute.



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