Over 60 Albanians stranded in Syrian refugee camps seek repatriation



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“We are working on another repatriation mission of Albanians stranded in Syria”, this was the vow which concluded an official visit of Interior Minister Bledi Cuci in Lebanon this February.

Five months from that visit, no official mission has taken place to rescue the 64 Albanian nationals stuck at the infamous camps of Syria, among them 47 minors.

The repatriation of Floresha Rasha and her three children raised high hopes amongst the Albanians trapped in Syrian camps for many years, as they eye the Albanian government as their only hope to return home.

In their communications with family members, secured from Euronews Albania, they say that many people are leaving the camps, except for Albanians.

Excerpts from communications with their family members:

Elona Shuli: Good news is that they had called someone, I don’t know who, someone from Kosovo, I don’t know who had called him. He said that the Balkans will pick up their nationals, Bosnia, Kosovo …

Family members: They’re not saying anything here Lona. Have you heard anything?

Elona Shuli: They say that Bosnia, Serbia, and North Macedonia will return. They’re also saying that for Kosovo, but not for Albania.

17 Albanians remain stranded at the infamous Al-Hol camp in Syria, among them Eva Dumani, while the rest were transferred at camp Roj.

During the weekend, North Macedonia announced that it will provide for the evacuation for its 23 nationals, while Kosovo has already repatriated 11 of its nationals.

With the former repatriation mission, Kosovo returned home a total of 300 citizens or circa 80% of those stranded in camps.



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