Bankers Petroleum staff donate blood for thalassemic children



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Dozens of employees at Bankers Petroleum Albania donated blood in efforts to help children suffering from Thalassemia, a disease that affects the ability of blood to produce an essential substance called hemoglobin. The company responded to the call made by Red Cross Albania asking for voluntary blood donations, which is a widely important act that saves lives.

The General Director of Bankers Petroleum, Qing Fang accompanied by the Deputy Director for Exploration and Development, Luntao Chen and a group of leaders and other employees from the company have all donated blood in support of children suffering from this blood disorder.

“Thalassemia is a disease that accompanies patients throughout their entire lives, requiring a continued therapy of blood transfusions in order to survive. We are a company that has a high sensibility when it comes to social responsibility. We have backed up this initiative started by The Red Cross because we have the chance to improve the lives of those that have been struck by Thalassemia.

“I am very grateful to all the employees that donated their blood today. We will continue to contribute, with initiatives that help and support the community,” said the CEO of Bankers Petroleum Albania, Qing Fang.

According to transfusion doctor Endrit Susaj, in Albania, the need is for 80 units of blood, and there’s a total of 600 patients suffering from Thalassemia depend on transfusion every 3 weeks.

A large number of these patients are children of varying age groups. Representative of the blood bank in Lushnje, doctor Susaj, thanked all the employees of Bankers Petroleum Albania that joined this important cause and made an appeal to have as many citizens as possible voluntarily contribute to saving the lives of children suffering from Thalassemia.


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