Basha: OSCE/ODIHR report affirmed general polls were an electoral massacre



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Lulzim Basha reiterated that the OSCE/ODIHR report affirmed that the parliamentary polls held in April were what he has long referred them to, “an electoral massacre”.

Commenting on the report, he listed some of the points highlighted, among them; misuse of the public administration, theft of personal data and the patronage system, using criminal gangs at the elections, altering the ballot papers, and closing the country’s borders, which had been pointed out by the Democrats earlier on.

He stressed that the DP denounced the electoral crimes and deposited 185 lawsuits near SPAK and regional prosecution offices, but no one has been held responsible so far.

“The investigation and punishment for buying off the votes is one of the OSCE/ODIHR primary recommendations to guaranteeing free and fair elections”, Basha said.

On Monday, the OSCE Mission in Albania published its final report on the parliamentary elections held on April 25.

The report emphasized that Albanian voters’ freedom to choose amongst the various candidates was “generally” respected, however, the Socialist Party is said to have had a clear advantage, “both from its control of the local government as well as their misuse of administrative resources”.

“The report confirms what all Albanians already knew: April 25th had nothing to do with democracy or free and fair elections,” stated the head of the DP after the publication of the report.



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