Police vent out on two journalists filming an antidrug operation in Tirana



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An anti-drug action carried out by a Special Forces squad in Tirana turned into an incident, when police officers used excessive force toward two journalists in Tirana that were coincidentally present at the scene.

The footage filmed by citizens in real-time shows at least 5 police officers that have stopped and surrounded a vehicle type “Mercedes Benz’ in a street nearby the Academy of Armed Forces, during what was later announced to have been an anti-drug police action.

Journalist Ergyj Gjencaj and his colleague Klodiana Lala from TV station News 24 were faced with physical and verbal abuse by the police officers, who are shown to place journalist Gjencaj on the ground, pushing journalist Lala and forcefully pulling another citizen.

During the action, the police weren’t able to catch the driver of the Mercedes that left the scene hurriedly.

The Union of Albanian Journalists (UGSH) called this incident an act of violence against journalists, a “grave incident” and “police arrogance”.

UGSH urges authorities to take the necessary measures against such actions by police officers that according to them have been repeated on numerous occasions.



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