Massive wildfires in Karaburun Peninsula, locals call on military to step in



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For the past three days, forests in the peninsula of Karaburn in southern Albania, have been smothered by wildfires. Hectares of land are being scorched, in the area known as Bristan going toward Ravena.

Even though this is known as a highly dangerous terrain, employees and specialists of protected sites have headed to the scene to help tackle the ongoing fires.

Firefighters are currently on the ground but unable to achieve any positive results, they have called on the National Armed Forces, who are expected to arrive in the region on Thursday morning, at 04:00 a.m.

The prefect of the county of Vlora, Flamur Mamaj has confirmed that because of the intensity of the wildfires and the difficulty of the terrain, experts have called up the military to intervene and join forces in order to help put out the flames.

Sources from the Regional Adinistration of Protected Sites in Vlora have told Euronews Albania that the fires might have already burnt at least 10 hectares of land.

High temperatures in recent weeks including the ‘heat waves’ and lack of rainfall are thought to have caused the fires.




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