Basha petitions Rama to talk to Vucic about the ‘ethnic-cleansing of Albanians in Serbia’



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The Chair of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha held a meeting with the Mayor of the Commune of Bujanovc, Nagib Arifi, the main focus of which, was the passivation of Albanian home addresses in Serbia. This meeting comes at a time, when Skopje is holding a summit amongst the leaders of Albania, Serbia and North Macedonia.

Considering the acts of Serbian authorities as efforts to ethnically-cleanse the Albanians living in Bujanovc, Medvegje and Preshevo – Basha called on PM Edi Rama, to discuss this issue with the Serbian president, Aleksandadr Vucic, calling the meeting of the three Balkan leaders in Skopje, “unproductive”.

“No meeting can serve as an alibi, for those who seek to turn away from the duties that each Albanian prime minister has, that are imposed on them by the Constitution, – to work and care for the destiny of all Albanians, wherever they may be.

The fate of the Albanians living in the Preshevo Valley is to have their home addresses illegally de-registered in order to ethnically cleanse them. I’m not sure exactly how much time Edi Rama devotes to this issue, when he speaks to his dear friend Vucic, but if he has devoted even the slightest time to it, he has done exceptionally well at keeping it a secret,” said Basha.

The Chair of DP added that the acts of the Serbian government mark a discriminatory process that is in violation of Serbia’s own Constitution and its prior engagements in the European Council. Basha noted that this is “the most open demonstration that proves the gap between Serbia’s word and its actions” because on the one hand they call for free movement and a cooperation climate and on the other they slam on Albanians in Serbia solely because of their ethnic background.

“I call upon the EU, the European Council and the US to stop this ethnic cleansing that has now taken the shape of home-address passivation. Over 2.000 Albanians in Bujanovc have lost their residential rights, their social security and other rights that are granted to them as a result of their legal registration as residents within the commune,” said Basha.

The mayor of Bujanovc, Nagib Arifi also spoke on the great issues facing Albanians in Serbia at the moment, and asked for Albania’s and Kosovo’s help to stop the cleansing.



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