14 minors repatriated from Syrian camps, Rama: Dangerous operation



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14 children and 5 women stranded for quite some time in Syrian camps have now safely been returned to Albania.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, along with the interior minister, was at Tirana International Airport to meet them personally.

The rescue mission was conducted in cooperation with Lebanese authorities, and PM Rama reiterated that the anti-terror squad from the State Police had also played an important role.

Asked from Euronews Albania journalist Elona Gjylmi on the number of people that are potentially still trapped in Syrian war camps, the head of the executive responded an exact figure cannot be ascertained, but that it takes persevering work to detect them, and eventually pull them out from the camp.

“We’ve sent a specific number of profiles since in the beginning. We’ve established some contacts with the help of our consulate in Lebanon when these people had just fled to Syria, so it is unclear what’s the exact number”, said Rama.

The Albanian prime minister described the rescue mission as “dangerous” not only for those who went inside the war camp.

“There are various ongoing dynamics there, there are people kept hostage of others inside there. So, it is a hellish situation. It was dangerous even for those that participated in the operation”, said Rama.



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